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Project Manager, SRE & Software Engineer

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Hello! My name is Michał Dudek, I am a project manager (PMP), site reliability engineer (SRE) and a software engineer with a broad knowledge of systems engineering, software development, modern IT solutions and a large-scale, high-availability, distributed control systems.

As a project leader, I work closely with the project team and other stakeholders to determine and use the appropriate tailoring strategies for the project management processes. This incorporates, but is not limited to gathering information on the project, defining project objectives, key deliverables and measurable success criteria, as well as identifying stakeholders and capturing their needs, constraints and expectations. Moreover, my responsibilities include developing project management plan, directing and managing project work, monitoring and controlling progress, along with ensuring quality, security and safety. On top of that, I communicate, negotiate and combine various perspectives and choose the best solution and strategy for the team and the project.

Furthermore, I have 9 years of experience in the design, development and maintenance of software, hardware and IT infrastructure for a real-time and industrial control systems running 24/7 operations. It includes defining systems design, selecting proper software & hardware solutions, determining appropriate implementation strategy, deciding on pertinent documentation approach, defining test policies and establishing procedures, developing, deploying, configuring, integrating and commissioning control systems. I am a general manner problem-solver who instigates and promotes changes as an opportunity for constant improvement of the systems.

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  1. Improved software production for the LHC tunnel cryogenics control system at CERN
  2. An object-oriented approach to cryogenic control systems for the CERN test facilities: a case study based on the UNICOS framework
Michał Dudek
Michał Dudek.