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Software enhancements and modern monitoring solutions for a large-scale, high-availability distributed control systems at CERN

My mandate as a site reliability engineer and senior software engineer at CERN is to maintain C++ real-time software for a large-scale, distributed control systems for 2500+ power converters running 24/7 operations. In the article I describe software enhancements and monitoring solutions I have implemented, as well as their impact on the CERN accelerators operation team and on-call service.

The Medical Isotopes Collected from ISOLDE (MEDICIS) research facility at CERN

Power converters control system for the MEDICIS-PROMED isotope laboratory at CERN

As a technical leader of a project, I was responsible for the design and development of a distributed control system for the power converters. The main purpose of the activity was to provide the ability to remotely control the equipment connected to Siemens S7 modular PLC controllers, as well as create a unified and secure software interface to integrate the devices with CERN accelerator controls.